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Time to TOOT my own horn that is! Everyone who knows me or is on my email list will say that I'm an awesome online marketer. I'm a Super Affiliate and have won a ton of prizes selling other people's products that I believe in and use myself. I even graduated from the...

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Marketing Essentials for Virtual Assistants

You know the importance of marketing your Virtual Assistant business. You may even have written a marketing plan and are now implementing it. But is simply marketing your VA business going to bring you the results you need? Do you have a way to measure the success of...

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How to Find Clients as a Virtual Assistant

"How do I FIND clients as a Virtual Assistant?" I am asked this question all the time so thought I'd share my 20+ years of experience in this area working as a Virtual Assistant... When I first started out it was feast or famine for me as I had 3 kids to provide for...

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How to Network Online to Find Clients

CREDIBILITY = BUY YOUR SERVICES Many decades ago, the only way to network to prospect clients was via a local event, tradeshow or gathering. Today, with social media, finding clients is as commonplace as brushing one’s teeth. It does not have to be a daunting task,...

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Tips to Keep Your Clients Happy

Obviously you want to keep your clients. You work hard to get them and it would be very foolish to waste away the opportunity that a long-term, mutually successful relationship with your clients can provide. So how do you avoid losing clients? Well the first step is...

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Is Your Spouse On Board With Your VA Business?

Most of the time Virtual Assistants are female. There are plenty of male VAs but the fact is most are women (93%) according to our recent survey. Usually, they’re moms, wives, daughters, sisters, and of course best friends too. They’re also neighbours, community...

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Marketing Your VA Business on a Shoestring Budget

If you’re just starting out, or you are finding that you’re short on funds, you may need to find ways to market your virtual assistant business on a shoestring budget. Just because it’s inexpensive doesn’t mean it’s not effective, though. In fact, some of the most...

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Grow Your VA Business with Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Word-of-mouth marketing is the oldest form of marketing that exists, and it’s still very effective. In fact, one of the best ways to get more clients for any business owner is to increase your word-of-mouth marketing efforts. People trust hearing from those whom they...

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How to Identify Your Ideal Client

If Word-of-Mouth marketing doesn’t sound important to you then these facts may shift your mindset. The fact is about 20 percent of all your clients will generate 80 percent of your future income. That is because the other 80 percent aren’t totally in line with your...

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Steps to Create Your VA Business Mission and Vision

There are different reasons to create a business or mission statement for your service based Virtual Assistant business. Sometimes you are creating it to motivate yourself, your business partners and/or your stakeholders like your family. Other times you create a...

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